Hướng dẫn sử dụng Remote Desktop đến server Ubuntu 16 dùng Xrdp remote

Remote Desktop on Ubuntu 16 Using Xrdp


Step 1: Install Xrdp Server

To get Ubuntu desktop accepting RDP connections, you must first install and enable Xrdp tool… to do that, run the commands below


sudo apt install xrdp

sudo systemctl enable xrdp

Step 2: Connect From Windows 10

Now that Xrdp server is installed, ​​ go and open Windows Remote Desktop Connection app and connect to the server IP or hostname…


Xrdp ubuntu desktop

Then click Connect to initiate the connection to Xrdp… you should be warned about ​​ Windows not trusting the computer you’re conneting to… Accept and continue to connect anyway..


xrdp ubuntu install

Next, type in your Ubuntu machine account username and password and connect using Xorg session…


xrdp ubuntu setup

When your accout username and password are confirmed, you should be logon to your Ubuntu machine from Windows… as shown in the image below


xrdp ubuntu install

That’s it!


You are now connected to your Ubuntu desktop from Windows using Microsoft own remote desktop connection protocol (RDP)… The graphic isn’t great, but good enough to get your work done.




If you fail to logon and does not control your remote you can fix


echo mate-session> ~/.xsession

sudo apt-get install mate-core


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